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:: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 ::


I started this little blog six years ago. At that time, i was one of a very small handful of "outdoor" bloggers. I think there were five of us.

It was mostly a way to keep family and friends informed of what i was doing, having recently started the whole seasonal outdoors lifestyle. Over time, it grew just a bit. There were occasions when i had hundreds of readers each day, and others when i'm pretty sure it was just my Mom.

Mostly, i wanted to publish photos of the amazing places and things i've been lucky to see and experience these last years. There were always political rants, but i was never smart enough or a good enough writer to do those topics justice. On that, i will defer to those who are.

I just don't have it in me anymore to continue doing this thing, especially as i'm now just one of very many, many voices in the outdoors world and don't have that much to contribute anyway, aside from an infrequent angry rant.

Also, this "collection" of my angry diatribes has cost me too much trouble. Google is just way too efficient these days. Even though i've made very serious efforts to make sure that my employers names aren't mentioned and that searches for those names wouldn't result in this blog showing up, it still causes trouble. Never mind the fact that with my photos i've always tried to show the beauty of even the most inhospitable conditions and have probably done far more to promote them than cast aspersions on them.

So OutdoorsPro is going dark. All archives have also been deleted. Sorry about that.

They have been saved though. If for some reason you would like to view a past posting, please email me at the address above and i will point you to them.

Family and friends who wish to see continuing photo essays, keep in touch or just keep up with the randomness, can find me on Facebook.

Thanks to those who've been checking in here over the years.

outdoorspro 6:45 PM [Link to this. Boo'yeah!]

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